Pension Verification

In 2023, pension verification letters will be mailed beginning on March 13. If you completed a form in 2022, you will not receive one this year unless you reside outside the U.S.;  are age 85 or older; have a power of attorney or guardian on file with the Plan; or reside in a nursing home.

The Pension Plan’s annual Pension Verification initiative helps us to ensure that all retirees and beneficiaries entitled to a pension benefit are rightfully receiving their monthly benefit as expected. This process also helps us to verify that a retiree is still alive and isn’t currently incapacitated. To accomplish this, the only thing we need is your signature for our files.

Please note, if you don't respond to the pension verification request by signing and submitting the form to the Plan office, your monthly benefit will be temporarily suspendedForms are mailed directly to you by the U.S. Postal Service and cannot be found on this Web site or completed online.

Once you receive your verification form from the Pension Plan in the mail and sign it, you may submit it to the Plan via one of the methods outlined below. 

Mobile Upload

This is the easiest way to provide your signed paperwork to the Plan. Use the button below to access our secure upload site. Once there, enter your first and last name and email address in the correct fields. For the company field, please type an X. Then, use the "Browse files" link to use your camera to take a photo and upload it in one step. Once you have uploaded your document, the upload box will show that the document was successfully uploaded. 

Submit via email

Simply sign your paperwork, take a picture, and email it to using the link below.

Submit via fax

Fax your signed paperwork to (518) 456-3954.


Who needs to fill out a pension verification form?

All retirees or beneficiaries currently receiving a pension benefit are required to complete the form at least every two years. 

Why am I being asked to verify my identity?

One of the greatest responsibilities of the Plan office is ensuring that our retirees and beneficiaries are receiving their monthly pension benefits as expected. The most efficient way for us to confirm this is to obtain and verify your identity with your signature. This process has also helped us to locate retirees/beneficiaries who have moved and aren't getting important communications from the Pension Plan.

What happens if I don't fill out and submit the pension verification form to the Pension Plan office?

If you don't respond in a timely manner your monthly pension benefit will be temporarily suspended.

Do I have to mail the pension verification form back to the Plan office?

Once you've signed the pension verification form, you can mail it back to the Plan office in the return addressed envelope enclosed with the form. Or, you may scan or take a photo of the form and e-mail, fax, or upload it to the Pension Plan (see instructions above).