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I understand that the information and/or calculations displayed on this site are intended as unofficial approximations and do not necessarily reflect the actual amount of any retirement benefit to which I may be entitled under the NYSNA Pension Plan. This calculator does not guarantee a future benefit and is a ballpark estimate only, not an official estimate. In the event of a conflict between information and/or calculations on this site and the official NYSNA Pension Plan benefit calculation, the official calculation will govern. The benefit I will receive, if any, is and will be determined pursuant to the provisions of the NYSNA Pension Plan plan documents and applicable law.

This calculator will not correctly estimate any benefits where service was earned prior to your employer participating in the Plan, nor does it include any reductions that may apply for the Ten Year Certain, Joint and Survivor, or Contingent Annuitant forms of payment. It is based on the Five Year Certain form of payment.

1. Choose your employer:

Not all NYSNA facilities participate in the NYSNA Pension Plan. The Pension Calculator on this page lists all employers who currently participate in the Plan.

2. Select retirement age:

Your age at retirement determines how much of the accrued benefit you will receive. If you select a retirement age of 65 or greater, the amount shown is the full benefit amount. If you select an age between 60 and 65 and select 20 or more years of service, the amount shown is the full benefit amount and assumes you meet the criteria for an unreduced early retirement. If you select an age between 60 and 65 and have less than 20 years of service, or select an age between 55 and 60 (regardless of your years of service), the benefit amount shown is reduced by 6% for each year prior to age 65 that you receive the benefit.

3. Select years of service:

The years of service that you select should be a reflection of how long you plan on working in a position covered by the Plan.

4. Enter estimated Final Average Earnings:

The Final Average Earnings that you enter should represent the average of your five highest earnings years in the last 10 or less calendar years while working in a position covered by the Plan. When deciding on an amount to enter into this field, you should keep in mind that the Plan only uses your base compensation and experience differential. No other differentials, bonuses, or overtime should be included. In addition, the Plan is subject to the maximum allowable wages on which a pension can be based. As of 2023, maximum allowable wages are $330,000.00.

5. Enter your expected number of years of retirement: