Valuable Extras

The NYSNA Benefits Fund strives to offer its participants the best benefits possible. Below is information about several enhancements to your Benefits Fund coverage available through our service partners. If you have any questions, please contact a Participant Service Representative at (877) RN BENEFITS [762-3633].

Anthem's Gym Reimbursement program offers reimbursement of up to $200 for fitness center dues to Benefits Fund participants who work out at least 50 times in a six-month period. Covered spouses and dependents over the age of 13 may receive up to $100 reimbursement per six-month period. In addition to facilities promoting cardiovascular wellness, you may earn reimbursement for participating in classes ranging from aerobics, swimming, Pilates, and yoga, to boot camps and weight resistance training. Individuals can combine programs from a variety of different facilities and fitness classes to reach the required 50 classes and/or visits needed in each six-month period to receive the maximum reimbursement.

Here’s how Anthem's Gym Reimbursement works:


  • Visit the gym or attend exercise classes a minimum of 50 times per a six-month period January-June or July-December.
  • Track your workouts by completing the proof of fitness center visits log (part of the Fitness Center Visit Submission Form ) and get it signed by a fitness center representative. For virtual classes, a printed screen capture showing attendance and/or a visit/attendance log is acceptable. 
  • Collect paperwork including a copy of your current gym/class bill showing the monthly cost of your membership and proof of payment (receipt or credit card statement) for the six-month period you are submitting for reimbursement.
  • Complete a Fitness Center Visit Submission Form in this brochure for each fitness center you include in your fitness log.
  • Send your form(s), along with proof of payment, within 90 days of the end of the benefit plan year to (use subject line: Gym Reimbursement Request) or mail to Active & Fit Exercise Rewards, P.O. Box 509117, San Diego, CA 92150-9117


Gym Reimbursement

Stronger Together

The Stronger Together website is a great starting point for individuals facing a cancer diagnosis. The site provides digital tools to:

  • Make shared treatment decisions
  • Prepare for care
  • Self-manage symptoms and concerns
  • Work on a care plan
  • Learn how to get case management help
  • Get support resources for caregivers



This program, available through Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, is designed to help participants manage conditions like diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Participants are assigned a nurse care manager who will work with your doctor to help you follow your healthcare plan. You'll receive support, tools, and information to help you care for your condition and feel better, including 24/7 access to a nurse care manager to answer your questions. ConditionCare is free for Benefits Fund participants and their covered family members. Connect via live chat on or phone at (866) 962-0951.

Emotional Well-being Resources

Emotional Well-being Resources, administered by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield's Learn to Live program, provides support and effective strategies and tips for your emotional well-being including managing stress, depression, anxiety, substance use, and sleep issues. To access the Emotional well-being Resources,

  • Download or access Anthem's Sydney Health app
  • Go to "My Health Dashboard"
  • Choose "Programs"
  • Select "Emotional Well-being Resources"


Building Healthy Families

Every family grows in its own way and Anthem's all-in-one prgram, Building Healthy Families, can help your family grow strong whether you're trying to conceive, expecting a child, or already in the middle of raising your children. The program offers personalized support including digital tools for pregnancy and beyond, ovulation tracking, monitoring of prenatal risks, and more. To get started, open the Sydney Health mobile app and choose the Building Healthy Families tile under "Featured Programs" in the health dashboard. 

Personal Will Preparation

Available through MetLife Legal Plans, this program offers Benefits Fund participants free access to professional attorneys to help you prepare or update an existing will, living will, or assign power of attorney. A will documents important decisions about the distribution of your assets and without a will, your final wishes may not be acknowledged. MetLife's Will Preparation services will help you create a will that ensures your final wishes are clear - at no cost to you.