Welcome to the NYSNA Pension Plan & Benefits Fund!

As a new participant to the Plan or Fund (or both), you may have already received your welcome packet from us. If not, it should be on its way to your mailbox soon. In the meantime, this web page provides links to several important handouts packed with useful information for new participants like you.

Benefits Fund participants will find information on "valuable extras" available to you through Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, as well Aetna and MetLife. In addition, we've provided vital information you'll want to know regarding your medical, vision, prescription drug, and dental benefits, including who is eligible for coverage, what services are covered, how much you'll pay for in- or out-of-network benefits, and much more. The "Information Directory" outlines how to find in-network providers and where providers should send claims.

For Pension Plan participants, you'll find an overview of your pension benefit with information regarding how your pension is calculated, its portability, and retirement options.

Pension Plan

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Pension Plan New Participant Information