Preretirement Survivor Benefit

The Pension Plan includes a Preretirement Survivor Benefit for your spouse or other named beneficiary in case you die after you're vested, but before you retire. The Plan will pay a Preretirement Survivor Benefit equal to 50 percent of the reduced pension benefit you would have received under the Joint and Survivor benefit payment form if you are vested and die:

  • While in active service, or
  • While receiving a pension disability benefit, or
  • After you terminate employment but before you retire while you are entitled to a deferred vested benefit.



Preretirement Survivor Benefit - Married

A vested married participant may designate their spouse or another individual as beneficiary, as well as a contingent beneficiary, to receive their benefit should they die prior to retirement.


Preretirement Survivor Benefit - Unmarried

A vested unmarried participant may name up to two beneficiaries under this coverage, as well as a contingent beneficiary.