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Who is Sharron?

Sharron Carlson is the Pension Plan & Benefit Fund's Communications Representative. Chances are you've already met Sharron or heard about her visits to your facility. Throughout the year, she schedules multiple visits to each of the Plan & Fund's participating facilities. Her visits allow one-on-one time with our participants in person to answer questions regarding the pension or healthcare benefits offered by the Plan & Fund.

Sharron has been your Communications Representative since 2013 but she's been with the Pension Plan & Benefits Fund for more than two decades. She began her career here in 2000, first in the Administration Department, then as a pension analyst for 11 years before finally moving to the Benefits Department as a participant service representative in 2011. If you need a question answered on the spot about one of our healthcare benefits or pension options, Sharron is the perfect person to answer it.

In addition to the online posting of Sharron's schedule found below, Pension Plan & Benefits Fund participants are also notified of her visits to their facility by texts and e-mails usually a day or two in advance of her visit. So, listen to your messages from us or visit this page to view her schedule and then be sure to drop by when Sharron is at your facility!

Contacting Sharron During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, our communications representative, Sharron Carlson, is only visiting a limited number of facilities in person for meetings and orientations. In addition, she is conducting virtual Zoom meetings with participants and is available by phone to discuss your healthcare and pension concerns. Notification of these virtual events will be communicated to you via Sharron's Calendar below, email, and texts, so please contact the Plan & Fund if your personal contact information has recently changed. To reach Sharron, call (877) RN BENEFITS [762-3633] Ext. 2240 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Sharron's Calendar

On-site visit to The Mount Sinai Hospital West

06/06/2023 07:30AM-02:00PM


Stop by and see Sharron to discuss your healthcare and pension benefits

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On-site visit to Mount Sinai Morningside

06/07/2023 07:30AM-02:00PM


Stop by and see Sharron to discuss your healthcare and pension benefits

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Plan Changes Spring 2023

Beginning April 1, 2023, the Benefits Fund is implementing changes to its plan of benefits including lower in-network mental health copayments, coverage of Applied Behavioral Analysis, and a new provider network.